About Smart Beginnings

Smart Beginnings is an initiative that creates community commitment to the school readiness of young children.  We help local communities deliver on ensuring conditions for a strong, healthy start for young children and their families.

A successful school readiness network requires the cooperation of parents and families, schools, child care providers, the faith community, higher education, business, and other community assets such as social services, libraries, and museums.

Smart Beginnings serves as the public-private connector in communities, harnessing all the parts of the network and driving its coordinated functioning.

What does it look like?

With assistance from VECF, a local Smart Beginnings initiative brings public and private leaders together to collaborate on priorities for their youngest citizens:

  • Agree on a plan to coordinate effective early learning, health, and family support services for young children in their communities
  • Improve services by promoting high quality common standards and evidenced-based practices
  • Create efficiencies and leverage funding to ensure that the community's resources are targeted to children with greatest need

Nearly 100 cities/counties in Virginia benefit from Smart Beginnings.  Communities that focus on school readiness strategies document K-12 school system cost savings from reduced need for early reading intervention and early grade repetition.

How does Smart Beginnings transform communities? Read all about it:


PROFILE: Virginia's Smart Beginnings Initiative

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This resource provides recommended models and practices to

guide the work of local Smart Beginnings coalitions.

Download the directory here.