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The Virginia Early Childhood Foundation and the Virginia Department of Social Services through the Office of Early Childhood Development have partnered to implement the Virginia Star Quality Initiative (VSQI), the state's Quality Rating and Improvement System.

A Quality Rating and Improvement System is a method to assess, improve and communicate the level of quality in childcare centers and preschools. The VSQI assigns a rating, from 1 to 5 stars, to each site, to assist parents in finding a quality care provider for their child.

Programs that volunteer to participate are assessed by trained and experienced Star Quality Raters. After a program has been rated, they work with Star Quality Mentors to draft and implement a plan to help them improve their quality.

Any program that receives one star or more reflects a program with a commitment to quality. A program with a star rating shows parents and potential parents that they are exceeding standards and are committed to excellence.

By working with local coalitions, the VSQI has spread to over 15 communities statewide, in a variety of settings, including for profit, nonprofit, faith-based and Head Start programs.

Programs that are interested in being star-rated should contact their local coalition. For more information, please contact Kris Meyers, Director of Quality Improvement at



Classroom-Based Standards

Family Child Care Home Standards

Family Child Care Toolkit Updates - 2013

Family Child Care Toolkit - 2011

Director's Toolbox

Master Star Quality Rater Criteria 

Star Quality Rater Criteria

Star Quality Mentor Criteria

Mentor Toolkit  

Rater Guidelines 

VSQI Fact Sheet

VSQI Local Sustainability Guide


If you are a Regional or Local Coordinator, please visit the Resources for Star Quality Coordinators page for more information.