Our Grants

The Virginia Early Childhood Foundation provides resources and technical assistance for local initiatives to continue working towards school readiness in their region. VECF awards the following types of grants:

I. Planning Grants:

In this initial funding cycle, Smart Beginnings coalitions are established. Leadership councils are formed, staff is hired and community needs assessments are conducted. (Current Planning Grants)

II. Getting Ready Grants:

An additional two years of support is awarded for program implementation, community engagement and strengthening infrastructure. (Current Getting Ready Grants)

III. Partnership Grants:

Further funding is awarded to coalitions that have successfully built an infrastructure of comprehensive systems and are equipped to lead a region’s early childhood development efforts. (Current Partnership Grants)

IV. Sustaining Grants:

Initiatives are then provided two years of support to maintain their school readiness efforts while building local resources for long term sustainability. (Current Sustaining Grants)

V. Sustaining Partners:

After completing all phases of the grant cycle, these coalitions are leading partners of early childhood development within their respective communities. (Current Sustaining Partners)

Smart Beginnings Communities:

These initiatives are working to advance school readiness efforts in their regions, but are not currently operating with VECF funding. (Smart Beginnings Communities)

VECF Investment Framework & Priorities


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