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Changes to the Star Quality initiative are coming – learn more about the new standards! 

Are you looking for a preschool, child care program, or family child care home for your child? Many parents have trouble figuring out what makes a "good" program. The Virginia Star Quality Initiative (VSQI) can help.
The VSQI was created to help parents and caregivers find high quality child care programs throughout Virginia. Each participating preschool, child care program, or family child care home is given a star rating, from one to five stars.

Programs that volunteer to participate in the VSQI are rated on many factors including:

  • Is the staff qualified? Do they have a degree in early childhood? Do they go to workshops to continue their training?
  • How do the teachers interact with your child? Do they talk with your child? Do they support your child's social and emotional growth? How do they discipline children? Do they have a positive attitude towards the children? Do they encourage children to learn and be creative?
  • How many children are in the classroom or the family child care program? How many teachers or assistant teachers are in the classroom?
  • How is the classroom furnished? What kinds of activities are offered? Are there materials for children to do art, read, play dress-up, or play music? Is it clean? Do the children get to play outside?
  • How do they help get your child ready for school?
Children in high quality child care settings are more successful in school and life, so choosing a preschool, child care program, or family child care home is one of the most important decisions parents and families can make. By selecting a program with a star rating, you can be confident that your child is in good hands. To get started, select Find a Star Rated Center to search for a preschool or child care center near you. To see a list of rated family child care home locations, select Find a Star Rated Family Child Care Home.